Areas of Practice

Corporate Law and Conveyancing :

The firm is in a position to provide a full range of corporate and secretarial services including registration of companies and preparation and filing of statutory annual returns with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The firm specialises in preparation of franchise and license agreements, property documentation and other contractual arrangements.

General Civil Litigation :

The firm is well equipped to handle all civil and commercial litigation including litigation in respect of intellectual property rights and suits for compensation and recovery of monetary loss and damages.

Banking Law :

The firm is in a position to provide a full range of legal services in Banking matters including drafting of bank security documentation and general opinion work on banking laws.

Aviation Law :

The firm specializes in aviation law and can render advice on Aircraft purchase/lease agreements and documents precedent thereto. The firm also handles litigation in connection with claims with respect to carriage of passengers, cargo and baggage.

Patent, Trade Mark, Copyright and Registered Design Laws :

The firm is also in a position to provide a full range of services in connection with trademarks, patents and copyrights owned by companies and individuals including :

- registration of patents, trademarks, copyrights and registered designs ;
- renewal of statutory rights ;
- opposition and rectification proceedings before the Controller and Registrar ;
- filling suits for infringement and passing off in respect of intellectual property rights; and
- opinions on Joint Ventures and Licensing Agreements.

Constitutional Law :

The firm has worked closely with Mr. Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, former Attorney General of Pakistan, in connection with several constitutional petitions and assisted the Ministry of Law as well. Mr. Zain Sheikh of the firm has also developed a legal software package entitled "LAWMAN" which provides the user with a synopses on all constitutional cases reported in the PLD. The programme is a time saving research tool. Access to cases is by Citation, Article of the Constitution and by the name of the case. Within minutes the programme provides the user with a list of all cases and/or synopsis on any Article of the Constitution from 1949 to 2002.