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The Legal Framework Order, 2002 has purported to effect drastic amendments to the 1973 Constitution, and must therefore receive careful consideration by concerned citizens and the legal community. In order to make a cogent and balanced appraisal, it would be important to examine the Legal Framework Order 2002 in a comparative historical context. Such examination has now been made possible by Zain Sheikh's present endeavor.

By providing a basic comparative text of the Constitution as it survives after the Legal Framework Order 2002, Zain Sheikh has made an important contribution for those embarking upon a study of the Constitutional history of Pakistan. The life of the Legal Framework Order, 2002 is yet to be tested. Zain Sheikh may well be right when he states "I do not doubt that, sooner or later, public spirited individuals in Pakistan....will succeed in challenging the ouster clause in the" Legal Framework Order, 2002. In my view, such success will open the door for seriously questioning the legality of the Legal Framework Order, 2002. However, till such time, the Bar and the Bench will both gain by having access to Zain Sheikh's edited text.

Justice (Retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim
Senior Advocate Supreme Court

Zain Sheikh's book on Constitution of Pakistan is a great improvement on previous publications on the subject. The amendments in the constitution not only reflect political history of the country but portray the trends and tilts of thinking and governance. To appreciate a constitutional amendment it is necessary to be alive of its legislative history. This aspect has received special attention of the author. The scheme employed is simple effective and unique. At a glance one can find the amendments in chronological order and reach the original text. This beneficial method further provides the text of the original provision and the amendments even if they have been repealed, omitted or changed. Credit goes to the author for his original and innovative thinking realizing the need of the judges, jurists, lawyers and students. It is a useful addition to the law libraries and convenient for persons interested in the development of the constitution.

Mr. Justice (Retd.) Saleem Akhtar
Federal Tax Ombudsman

Mr. Zain Sheikh's work on the Constitution of Pakistan will be welcomed by the legal fraternity and also by the law students throughout Pakistan as it presents the current shape of the Constitution of 1973 after its amendment by the Legal Framework Order, 2002, and his notes on each page of the Book, recorded in very clear and meticulous manner, show all the changes, amendments and deletions made in the provisions from time to time. An added and very useful advantage of his excellent work is the inclusion of the comparative tables of the Articles of the Constitution of 1973, repealed Constitutions of 1956 and 1962 and also the Constitution of India 1950 as well as the Government of India Act, 1935.

Mr. Zain Sheikh, a senior advocate, is a well known research scholar in the field of constitutional law and his work amply reflects his experience on the subject and the labour and hardwork devoted by him in its preparation. My best wishes to Mr. Zain Sheikh for bringing out this timely work on the Constitution of Pakistan 1973.

Prof. Justice (Retd.) Nasir Aslam Zahid
Dean, Faculty of Legal Studies, Hamdard University.

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